Our Services

Amazon FBA Prep

Are you new to the Amazon world? Hustling to shop for your inventory? Is it taking too much time to prep your items? We’ve got your back!

At Prepit.ca we specialize in prepping Amazon FBA boxes. We have a dedicated team that will hustle to prep your items, which gives you more time for you to upscale your Amazon store.
Services include:
Receiving and Inspection
Visual inspection of your goods and quality
FNSKU Labeling
Preparing and printing FNSKU labels
For liquids and exposed toys
Bubble Wrapping
For fragile and glass items
Packing 2 or more items
Return Handling
Drop off service for damaged goods
Shipping plan creation
Taking the admin task out of your hands

Carton Forwarding

Are you a private Label needing to send products to Amazon in the United States or Canada? We’ve got you!

Our service includes visual inspection, changing out to acceptable dunnage, attaching new shipping labels and arranging pickup (There is no prep work or labeling included with this service!)

FDA Clearance

For Canadian Sellers – Trying to sell and ship food products? We hear you and are ready to help!

One Customs requirement is to attach Prior Notice to all food, including animal feed that is imported or offered for import into the United States. Advance notice of import shipments allows the FDA, with the support of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to target import inspections more effectively and help protect that nation's food supply against terrorist acts and other public health emergencies.

Items needed FDA PN:

Regulated Product
Human Foods
Anything for consumption, including dietary supplements, food and color additives and food contact substances
Human Drugs
Active pharmaceutical ingredients and both prescription and over-the-counter medications
Vaccines, Blood and Biologics
Biologic products such as human blood, blood donor screening tests, human tissue, embryos, human plasma, and medical devices for use in blood banking operations
Medical Devices
Medical devices such as bandages, contact lenses, first aid kits, pacemakers, and surgical instruments
Radiation-Emitting Electronic Products
Radiation-emitting products such as x-ray machines, microwave ovens, CD-ROMs, LEDs, and laser pointers
Cosmetic products such as shampoo, make-up, face creams, and eyelash extensions
Animal and Veterinary
Animal food and feed, including pet food, as well as veterinary medicines and devices
Tobacco Products
FDA-regulated tobacco products such as cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), cigars, and all other tobacco products

Storage Solutions

Do you have limited inventory space? We offer affordable storage.
Services include:
30,000 square meter warehouse for prepping and fulfillment
24/7 camera surveillance
State-of-the-art facility
Dedicated dock for easy delivery

The fast, reliable and affordable way to prep and ship your inventory to Amazon