Why Prep It

We prep goods to ship to any of Amazon’s warehouses in the US or Canada. Prep It is a company that helps ecommerce sellers “prep” their goods for sale on the Amazon platform. With our immense warehouse space, team of expert preppers, and technology - we offer you a low cost solution towards Amazon success, on a fast turnaround time.

Here are some the awesome perks you can expect from Prep It:

We are first in Canada to offer USA amazon removal order service and LTL shipments to Amazon Warehouses in USA and Canada
Guaranteed 4- 24 hr Turnaround time with 100% Accuracy
Auto-Ship Prep: We create the shipping plan and labels
Access to our sister companies to do it all: Prepping, Shipping & Importing (Prepit, Stallion Express, Shippsy)
Top notch customer Service with dedicated Account Managers
We are a short drive to largest Fulfillment center in Canada
Multi Language Support and dedicated Phone Line
Convenient Real Time Instant messaging system
Competitive pricing
Innovative Technology

The fast, reliable and affordable way to prep and ship your inventory to Amazon